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    Liner Maintenance

    Colorbiotics recommends cleaning coloring equipment thoroughly — once annually at a minimum. While doing so, Sahara® X and Second Harvester® mulch coloring equipment owners should inspect the belly, liners, and weirs of the machine for wear. 

    Always follow lockout/tagout protocols before entering the machine.

    Inspection steps:

    1. Using a hammer, tap on the top side of the unit to gauge a sound of the thickness of the steel based on the sound pitch.
    2. Then work your way down the side of the U-shaped belly and listen closely for any changes in pitch. A higher-pitch sound is an indication that the liner is thinning, due to wear.
    3. Outside in/out movement of the belly is also an indication that the liner is worn.
    4. You can also measure the liner: Standard liners are 1/4-inch AR400 steel plates — so if the liner measurements are less than 1/16- to 1/8-inch thick, you should consider replacing the liner.