​3 Reasons to Mulch Around Trees

There are many advantages to applying mulch around trees, including:

  1. Root protection. A circular zone of mulch around the tree trunk will protect any tree roots growing on the surface of the ground from mechanical injury by mowing equipment, especially for shallow-rooting tree species such as silver and Norway maple.
  2. Bark protection. Buffering trees and shrubs with a mulched zone that extends from near the trunk to the drip line (the area under the tree directly below the canopy) will help prevent accidental contact with mowers, and the onset of mower blight resulting from mower collisions that damage bark and vascular tissue of trees. Damage to tree bark creates entry points for plant pathogens and decay-causing fungi that can compromise the health and vigor of the tree.
  3. Easier lawn maintenance. Surrounding trees and shrubs with a layer of mulch also reduces lawn care labor and maintenance, as turf that is allowed to grow next to tree trunks requires additional hand trimming.