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Colorbiotics’ Invigorate® Plus re-binder transforms surfacing with RAP.

Editorial note: This product was originally released under the name Biomag Easy Pave. It was renamed with Invigorate branding in July 2023.

  • Simple three-step process uses 100% RAP millings to create a pavement that cures faster and more densely than comparable solutions
  • Invigorate Plus re-binder is ideal for low-volume roadways, parking lots and driveways, providing a cost-efficient alternative to hot mix asphalt
  • Like other Colorbiotics asphalt products, Invigorate Plus re-binder is soybean oil-derived and environmentally friendly

(AMES, Iowa – November 2022) Colorbiotics has introduced Invigorate Plus re-binder, an innovative soybean oil-based solution that transforms recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) into new low-volume roadways, parking lots or driveways by binding and sealing RAP millings with three simple steps. Across early projects, the re-binder has been surprising customers with the reduced time it takes to cure and be fully in-service. The process is so seamless, property owners can complete projects themselves and asphalt contractors can offer it as a cost-efficient alternative to hot mix pavement.

To use the product, RAP millings are first spread evenly across a project surface, followed by spraying Invigorate Plus re-binder on the loose millings. Once the surface is compacted, it takes about two weeks to cure enough to withstand traffic or storage. It can also be used as a foundation for additional blacktop. Before and after compaction, Invigorate Plus re-binder travels throughout the recycled material, binding the pore structure and sealing the surface using soybean-based polymer so it won’t be damaged by moisture penetration.

“Contractors and property owners all over are looking for a paving solution to replace dirt or gravel roads and lots,” said Colorbiotics product manager Austin Hohmann.

“Invigorate Plus re-binder is perfect for those applications when it wouldn’t make sense to outright use hot mix asphalt. And because it seals the surface, it also eliminates dust.”

Although Invigorate Plus re-binder is used with 100% RAP millings, when fully cured it holds its own compared to traditional hot mix pavement in indirect tensile strength testing. The re-binder shows results of 87 on the pavement serviceability index scale (PSI) while hot mix pavement typically comes in at 130 PSI. Products similar to Invigorate Plus re-binder typically have numbers close to 45 PSI. The resulting benefit for customers is to complete lighter paving projects with Invigorate Plus re-binder, which provides a surface almost twice as durable as competitive topicals used in conjunction with RAP millings.

“This is a great addition to the Invigorate product line,” Hohmann said. “We have our hot mix additives, our sealcoats and now the re-binder as an efficient alternative to traditional asphalt paving. And we are exploring even more biobased products that can lessen the amount of asphalt going to landfills.”

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