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Colorbiotics’ Invigorate® Plus sealcoat complements growing asphalt line.

Editorial note: This product was originally released under the name Biomag Topical+. It was renamed with Invigorate branding in July 2023.

  • New spray-on solution restores high-traffic pavement and joins existing Invigorate asphalt innovations that are changing the market.
  • Invigorate Plus sealcoat penetrates deeper than other asphalt topicals, and its soybean-based polymer seals the surface to prevent moisture intrusion.
  • Advanced technology reverses oxidation of asphalt molecules, extending the life of pavement five to seven years.

(AMES, Iowa – December 2022) Colorbiotics has introduced Invigorate Plus sealcoat, an innovative soybean-based spray-on solution designed to revive asphalt highways and major arteries. Like the original Colorbiotics’ Invigorate sealcoat — designed for parking lots, streets and byways — Invigorate Plus sealcoat penetrates deep to reverse the oxidation of asphalt molecules and has demonstrated the ability to extend the life of pavement five years or longer. Invigorate Plus sealcoat also contains a soybean-based polymer that seals the pavement surface, protecting it from the elements and preventing moisture intrusion.

“We’re seeing Invigorate Plus sealcoat penetrate four times deeper than other topicals and reduce water intrusion four times greater than untreated pavement,” said Colorbiotics product manager Austin Hohmann. “For high-traffic and heavy-load asphalt applications, the key is to restore as much as possible below the surface but also protect the surface itself. Invigorate Plus sealcoat achieves both.”

Invigorate Plus sealcoat is delivered as a deliberate distribution of micron-sized particles small enough to travel throughout the entire top inch of the pavement’s pore structure. Once that unprecedented depth of penetration is achieved, the particles react with the aged asphalt binder to restore pavement longevity and appearance. Traffic can resume one to two hours after application in typical weather conditions, and Invigorate Plus sealcoat does not affect paint striping.

Invigorate Plus sealcoat has been tested all over the country, including with the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Key performance gauges are permeability, binder rheology, friction, dry time and the effects on paint striping. The tests have demonstrated that Invigorate Plus sealcoat modifies asphalt’s molecular structure through its unique chemistry reversal of oxidative embrittlement, reversing the effects of aging. It also decreases creep stiffness and exceeds standards related to dry time and paint striping effects.

“Our asphalt products are all geared toward environmental-friendliness,” Hohmann said. “Our hot mix additives increase recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) use, and our sealcoats restore and extend the life of existing pavement. Both result in less use of petroleum products and more use of soybeans, which is good on many fronts.”