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Colorbiotics launches Invigorate® sealcoat maintenance treatment.

Editorial note: This product was originally released under the name Invigorate Topical. It was renamed Invigorate sealcoat in July 2023.

  • Waterborne, spray-applied, bio-based product revives oxidized asphalt pavement and improves long-term durability
  • Sealcoat builds upon successful design of Colorbiotics’ Invigorate additive, which has proved itself in the market as a hot-mix additive

(AMES, Iowa – May 2022) Colorbiotics has introduced Invigorate sealcoat, a new spray-on rejuvenator for asphalt pavement maintenance. This product joins the original Invigorate additive, which has been on the market since 2020 as a soybean oil-derived additive for hot mix asphalt. Invigorate sealcoat is a waterborne, spray-applied version of Invigorate additive that aggressively fights the effects from long-term aging of existing asphalt pavement through its unique chemistry-driven reversal of oxidative embrittlement.

The sealcoat is delivered as a deliberate distribution of micron-sized particles small enough to travel throughout the entire top inch of the pavement’s pore structure. Once that unprecedented depth of penetration is achieved, the particles react with the aged asphalt binder to extend pavement life and appearance. Traffic can resume two hours after application in typical weather conditions.

Invigorate sealcoat is currently being tested across the country on state Department of Transportation projects through the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA). Key performance gauges are permeability, binder rheology, friction and dry time. One example of success was in Minnesota, where data from a local DOT test showed a 20% reduction in creep stiffness, which reduces susceptibility to cracking compared to the control product. Invigorate sealcoat also improved skid resistance on a pavement with 30% RAP 64-28V grade binder.

“Invigorate sealcoat has consistently outperformed all controls we put in place,” said Kent Rotert, vice president of Colorbiotics. “Typical preventive maintenance treatments extend asphalt pavement life by three to seven years. Early indications are that Invigorate applications will exceed industry standards because of its deeper penetration and higher reduction in creep stiffness, even with greater amounts of recycled asphalt in the original mix.”

Rotert adds Invigorate sealcoat is an ideal complement to the Invigorate additive because both have environmental and economic benefits.

“We all want our asphalt roads and highways to last longer, so we can reduce the use of natural resources in asphalt production,” he said. “Invigorate sealcoat helps prolong the life of existing pavement, but when repaving is the only alternative, Invigorate additive enables more use of RAP in the mix. The fact they are both soybean-based simply adds to the advantages.

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