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Easy Pave in mulch yards

Unpaved mulch yards can be cumbersome to control — trucks getting stuck, muddy patches, excess dust and complications moving equipment all take time away from smooth business operations. Colorbiotic’s Invigorate® Plus Easy Pave provides a cost-effective solution to the headaches unpaved mulch yards face while using 100% recycled materials.

Take it from Ohio Mulch

Ohio Mulch owner Jim Weber wanted to add a warehouse to his site, but the land conditions — damp, soft and unstable — prevented him from moving forward to install any kind of paved surface.

His trucks routinely got stuck in thick mud and he was at a standstill until he could try to drain the area before laying blacktop. Because Colorbiotics was his mulch colorant and mulch-coloring equipment supplier, he mentioned this problem to their team. The Colorbiotics experts sprang into action to bring Easy Pave to Ohio Mulch.

Site prep and installation of Easy Pave was complete in one day. First, six inches of the troublesome topsoil was removed before evenly spreading a 6-inch layer of 100%-recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) millings across the site.

An additional benefit of Easy Pave is the quick curation of the product, meaning less downtime for an operation. Within two days of installation, Easy Pave is ready to handle the weight of vehicles, with the full UV-curing process complete in 10-to-14 days. When the area was fully set, two layers of hot asphalt mix were applied to accommodate the new building.

Easy Pave is the ideal surface for storage lots, driveways, parking lots and provided the perfect solution for Ohio Mulch’s needs.

Low cost and low waste

There are a number of reasons selecting a Colorbiotics asphalt solution like Easy Pave benefits businesses. Using recycled materials to create asphalt is a win-win — it lowers waste while lowering total project cost. Easy Pave is a soybean oil-base with a strengthening polymer, making it 85% USDA biobased. This means not only is it an effective binder, it’s safer for the environment than regular petroleum-based additives.

By using RAP millings, the cost for materials drops drastically. New materials can be as much as twice the price of RAP millings. In fact, Easy Pave is 1/8 of the price per square foot of traditional hot asphalt mix. Plus it doesn’t require using an asphalt plant to heat the mixture.

Keep mulch yards in order

Mulch production is a messy business; getting dirty is just part of it. When trucks start to get stuck in mud, equipment is hard to move or gravel begins to wash away, the mulch yard isn’t operating with peak efficiency. Busy producers know operations shouldn’t slow because of mud.

Paving mulch yards with Easy Pave reduces stress of truck traffic, prevents pooling of excess water and keeps the yard in order.

“Easy Pave has been proven to work great for mulch yards that deal with really muddy sites,” said Brayden Lester, Asphalt Territory Manager at Colorbitoics. “It can handle the weight load of semi-trucks full of mulch that come in and out multiple times each day. Easy Pave helps with water pooling and runoff to make the driving conditions smoother and overall operations stronger.”

Diversify mulch business with recyclable asphalt

Colorbiotics proudly engineer chemicals that make recycling possible. Incorporating Easy Pave into business services can be a natural business diversification for many mulch producers.

“There are so many opportunities available with this product,” Lester said. “It’s so easy to use and there are great cost savings to offer to your customers. If you have the equipment and the manpower, why wouldn’t you want to go out and make this a part of your business?”

Colorbiotics is ready to talk about using Easy Pave in mulch yards, or how it can become a new extension of mulch business operations.