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Invigorate additive is new industry leader.

Asphalt rejuvenators have been around for 50+ years, but the amount of field or lab test data available to contractors is still fairly limited. However, the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) recently released brand new information gathered from tests they are actively performing on the top rejuvenators in the industry. These results have shown that Invigorate hot mix, created by Colorbiotics, performs three times better than any of the other leading rejuvenators.

About the test.

The NRRA is using a 20-mile stretch of MnROAD track in Emily, Minnesota, to monitor the rejuvenators in a stable, yet realistic, environment. All of the products being tested are mixed with 40% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), have the exact same dosage rate and aggregate, and are all compacted to the proper density based on that mix. The objective is to observe the performance of these products, track their effectiveness over the span of three years and compare them to control mixtures.

Proven performance.

Even with each mix having the same amount of component materials, the soybean-based science behind Invigorate hot mix was proven 300% better than the competition. This all-natural additive triggers chemical reactions inside RAP and creates improvements in its scientific makeup by effectively attacking aged binder at the molecular level with precision to fortify flexibility in the final mix.

“There are still a lot of false claims in the market for asphalt rejuvenators,” said Asphalt Product Manager, Austin Hohmann. “Head-to-head testing is an opportunity to demonstrate Invigorate’s ability to truly rejuvenate old, worn-out materials.” -Austin Hohmann, Asphalt Product Manager at Colorbiotics.

With another year of testing left in the project, it is predicted that Invigorate will continue to be the industry leader in long-term rejuvenation performance. Giving contractors the ability to rejuvenate recycled material, hit compaction goals more easily, and benefit their bottom line, for years to come.