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    ​Lockout/Tagout Tips for Coloring Equipment

    Make sure to include mulch coloring machines in your company's lockout/tagout program. Here's how:
    • The primary power feed and control panel should be locked out, and only qualified personnel should be allowed to access the inside of the electrical panel.
    • Any person entering or working on the machine should have their name and phone number on the tag from the clasp of the lock on the electrical power source, and the key to the lock should remain in that person's possession until all work is completed and locks and tags have been removed.
    • Proper confined space procedures should be followed when any part of the body will enter coloring equipment.
    • Verify that all safety decals are in place and readable; and that all safety devices, emergency stops and proximity switches are functioning properly by completing daily inspections.
    • Check to make sure all guards are in place and properly installed.
    • Replace any inoperative or questionable components immediately.
    Mulch Coloring <br>Equipment — Safety System <br>Checklist Teaser Image

    Mulch Coloring
    Equipment — Safety System

    • Emergency stops
    • Remote emergency stops
    • Proximity switch
    • Belt guards
    • Alarm (auto start)
    • Safety decals in place and readable
    • Covers in place and secure
    • Safety placards